How to Order a Margarita Like a Boss

Hey there, tequila titans and margarita mavens! As we prepare for our annual Tacos & Margaritas bar crawl on April 29, 2023, we wanted to share some tips for the big day!

Are you ready to level up your margarita game and order one like the boss you are? Say no more, amigos! We've got you covered with this fail-proof guide to ordering a margarita that'll make you the star of the show. Whether you're a margarita maestro or a rookie just dipping your toes in the salt, follow these steps to become the margarita master you were born to be:

Step 1: Swagger up to the bar like you own the place, flashing that million-dollar smile of yours.

Step 2: Lock eyes with the bartender and give 'em your best "It's margarita o'clock" wink.

Step 3: Bust out your most over-the-top, confident voice and say something like, "One margarita, por favor, and make it grande – I'm thirsty!"

Step 4: While your margarita is being crafted to perfection, bust a move or two – this is prime time to show off those killer dance skills.

Step 5: As soon as your margarita arrives, give the bartender a high-five, fist bump, or even a little bow – just let 'em know you appreciate their margarita magic.

Step 6: Take a glorious sip of your concoction, and let out a dramatic "ahh" or "mmm" to really emphasize your newfound margarita expertise.

Step 7: Finally, immortalize your masterpiece with a goofy selfie, and share it with the world using the hashtag #MargaritaMaster – the internet needs to know who they're dealing with!

And voilà! You've officially become a margarita-ordering guru, and your life will never be the same. Cheers!

Published March 24, 2023
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